Through the ClubGRANTS scheme, Wenty Leagues distributed a total of $238,103 in funding to support initiatives to help improve the quality of life for many individuals and groups in the community.

Youth Off The Streets

Opportunities & Options for Disadvantaged Students – Chapel School and Merrylands Outreach – Early Intervention for Vulnerable Youth

These projects aim to provide local youths at-risk with vocational training opportunities which includes helping them to succeed in school and acquire important life skills. Additional funding will also provide early intervention services at the Merrylands Outreach – Early Intervention for Vulnerable Youth. These include recreational activities in public spaces to build trust and engagement, life skills training and one-on-one support for at-risk youth.

TOTAL FUNDING – $110,043

Vision Australia

Vision Australia’s Low Vision Clinic – serving the residents of Cumberland

This ongoing support assists Vision Australia in providing services to residents of the Cumberland area who are blind or have low vision. Low Vision Clinics are the first point of contact for clients with on-set vision loss that cannot be corrected with prescription glasses, providing vital information, meaningful connections and overall support. They are designed with the ultimate aim of re-instating independence and directing clients towards a supported path.


The Shepherd Centre for Deaf Children

Confident Kids Plus and Kidscape

The ‘Confident Kids’ and ‘Kidscape’ programs aim to create stimulating listening environments for the development of listening, speech and language, and social skills. These skills help each individual child to adapt to the noisy and acoustically challenging environment of a school classroom, thereby enabling them to reach their full potential in mainstream education.


Learning Links

Building capacity and helping children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia and dyscalculia

Learning Links will provide an Education Specialist to work in close collaboration with teachers at to build their capacity to help children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Speech Therapy at Holroyd High

Funding for Learning Links to provide a speech pathologist to work in Holroyd High to build teachers’ capacity to help students with learning difficulties. The pathologist will work in the school one day each week, working with students within the classroom on a group basis and one-on-one with those who require more intensive support.


Hilltop Road School Parents & Citizens Association

Howie’s Barista Project

This project will train and upskill community members that are wanting to enter or re-enter the workforce in a mobile café. Named Howie’s Cafe (after the Hilltop Rd School mascot), it will be the base for the community to have hands on work experience, in an environment that is familiar to them and supportive.


The Humour Foundation

The Clown Doctors program – Children’s Hospital Westmead (CHW)

Clown Doctors are medical clowns – highly trained professional performers who use humour and play to make hospital a less lonely and intimidating place to be.  Performers work alongside healthcare professionals at Children’s Hospital Westmead (CHW), providing doses of fun and laughter at the bedside of sick kids, enhancing emotional healing, remedying stressful environments and providing much needed distractions.


Miracle Babies Foundation Ltd

NurtureGroup Westmead – supporting families with babies and young children born premature or sick

NurtureGroup is a free play and support group for children affected by prematurity or sickness in Westmead Hospital. Parents can share their stories and challenges and provide valuable mutual support that comes from a true understanding of, and empathy resulting from, a shared journey. They also benefit from regular guest speakers who provide information, assistance and advice on their children’s development.


Careflight Limited

Essential Medical Equipment for CareFlight Rapid Response Helicopter

Funding to purchase a hand-held ultrasound device for the Careflight Rapid Response Helicopter service. This ultrasound device is ideal for use in acute and emergency care, internal medicine, urgent care, and training practice. The advanced technology helps medical professionals make fast, informed diagnoses through a variety of scan types speeding a patient’s diagnosis and ultimately their recovery.


Parramatta Mission

Meals and support for the homeless and disadvantaged

Parramatta Mission’s Meals Plus program supports people who may be homeless, disadvantaged, at risk of homelessness or facing crisis. Meals Plus provides breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday, as well as access to other support services and programs.


Cumberland Council

Cumberland Sport 4 All

Focusing on the improvement of health and wellbeing amongst children and families. The aim of this project is to include all children and young people in sport with a focus on young women and those with additional support needs. Participants are also given the chance to engage with female athletes from different sporting backgrounds.