Wenty Leagues is proud to support Local Community Projects

Wenty Leagues and 7 other clubs came together to distribute a total of $832,785 in funding to community projects in the Cumberland area. These organisations were presented with funding that went towards supporting initiatives to help improve the quality of life for many individuals and groups in the community. From the various organisations supported through this scheme, Wenty Leagues was proud to present much-needed funding to the following organisations:

Hilltop Road School Parents & Citizens Association – Howie’s Barista Project $10,232.00
Youth Off The Streets Limited – Opportunities & Options for Disadvantaged Students – Chapel School $15,000.00
Youth Off The Streets Limited – Merrylands Outreach – Early Intervention for Vulnerable Youth $95,043.00
The Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children – Confident Kids Plus – a social skills development program for children with hearing loss in the Cumberland area $9,993.00
The Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children – Kidscape – a group education and social inclusion program for children with hearing loss and their families living in the Cumberland area $11,079.00
Miracle Babies Foundation Ltd – NurtureGroup Westmead – supporting families with babies and young children born premature or sick $8,074.00
Uca – Parramatta Mission – Meals and support for the homeless and disadvantaged $5,000.00
Learning Links – Building capacity at Lidcombe Public School to help children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia and dyscalculia $5,700.00
Learning Links – Speech Therapy at Holroyd High – building increased capacity in teachers while helping students who struggle to learn. $7,500.00
The Humour Foundation – The Clown Doctors program – Children’s Hospital Westmead (CHW) $10,144.00
Cumberland Council – Cumberland Sport 4 All $2,500.00
Vision Australia Limited – Vision Australia’s Low Vision Clinic – serving the residents of Cumberland $50,238.24
Careflight Limited – Essential Medical Equipment for CareFlight Rapid Response Helicopter $7,600.00