The Golf club plays every Sunday with our next 13 games to be played at the following courses:

07/10 Gosford Golf Club tee-off 6.30am challenge against Gosford RSL.

14/10 Campbelltown tee-off 7.20am Trophy day.

21/10 Studley Park tee-off 6.00am Winter Ambrose.

28/10 Gosford Golf Club tee-off 6.00am challenge against Gosford Leagues.

04/11 Wentworth falls tee-off 6.00am Trophy day 1st round Club Championships.

11/11 Penrith tee-off 6.30am 2nd round Club Championships.

18/11 Studley park tee-off 6.45am 3rd round Club Championships + Ham&Chook day.

25/11 Glenmore tee-off 6.30am 4th round Club Championships.

02/12 Lynwood tee-off 6.30am Trophy day + Patrons day.

09/12 Windsor tee-off 7.20am C.O.W. Final.

16/12 Springwood tee-off 6.30am.

23/12 Liverpool 6.15am tee-off 6.15am President vs Captain day.

30/12 Fox hills tee-off 7.00am.

Jackpot holes are worth $300 and $100 where to win a player must hit a tee shot inside 1 metre on the shortest par 3 on either 9 holes to win jackpot.

The Golf club would like to wish all members of Wentworthville Leagues Club a very Merry Xmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year. Alan Thompson – President golf club.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Alan Thompson – President on (m) 0451 189 195 or Leon Plotkans – Secretary on (m) 0412 404 660 for more information.


The Golf club has 2 jackpot holes each week being the shortest par 3’s on each nine, where to win the jackpot you must be inside 1 metre to claim prize. At the time of this report, one is worth $750 while the other is worth $250.

The Golf club is always looking for new members with Females most welcome to join. Any new members that would like to play in the Golf club at Wenty Leagues.


Alan Thompson

0451 189 195

Leon Plotkans

0412 404 660