THE ANGELS, FACE II FACE Take a Long Line Recharged

Start Date: Saturday, November 10 @ 7.30pm

Location: Starlight Room



THE ANGELS are back for their Face II Face, Take A Long Line – Recharged tour. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of their seminal album Face To Face. The show will feature the album in its entirety as well as other classic Angels hits. Rick Brewster says tracks like Straightjacket, Outcast, Love Takes Care and Live It Up, that don’t often make it into the live set, will be a highpoint for the band and the audience.

Rick says the feedback the band has been receiving at shows on the Australia wide tour so far has been overwhelming. “The comment I keep hearing goes something like, ‘I could close my eyes and it was like being at home listening to my favourite album turned up to eleven’.”

Face To Face made an indelible imprint on music history when it was released in 1978, influencing many bands both here in Australia and worldwide. Now, 40 years later, The Angels continue to write the rock music history books as they take this pivotal record back out on the road, bringing the revered songs to a new generation.

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