Wenty Leagues is proud to support Local Community Projects

Wenty Leagues and 7 other clubs came together to distribute a total of $1,202,897 in funding to community projects in the Cumberland area. These organisations were presented with funding that went towards supporting initiatives to help improve the quality of life for many individuals and groups in the community. From the various organisations supported through this scheme, Wenty Leagues was proud to present much-needed funding to the following organisations:

The Shepherd Centre for Deaf Children $19,008
Youth Off The Streets – The Cycle Of Courage Project $10,080
Parramatta Cumberland Family & Domestic Violence Prevention Committee $23,741
Cumberland Council – Press for Help Personal Alarm Project $19,850
Youth Off The Streets – The iDrive Project $29,139
Cassia Community Centre – The First Aid for Parents Project $1,200
Careflight $5,486
Cumberland Council – Collaboration to address Homelessness in Cumberland $30,000
St Johns Ambulance Australia – First Aid in Schools Cumberland Region $7,119
Learning Links – Speech Therapy at Holroyd High School $16,129
Hilltop Road Public School – The Hilltop Road Community First Aiders Project $9,001
Learning Links – Speech Therapy in Wentworthville (Wentworthville School & Ringrose Public School) $16,129

Club Grants presentation, Guildford leagues club, Sydney. 21st August 2019.
Photo by Damian Shaw